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Get Away and Experience Paradise at Ashley's Place Inc. 

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We are pleased that our Facebook Group has become larger and more active over these past six years. Because of you, we have been able to offer many community services and funded fun youth activities.  We support the youth at the Solid Rock Café each month; we supply Tammy, from Chatham Kent Children’s Services with housewarming baskets for all her youth aging out of foster care year after year. We have been able to designate one day a month to visit a homeless shelter or the Women’s Center, bringing donations and providing gifts for the less fortunate at Christmas time. Our group created “Our Day of Christmas Blessings,” where we set up at Windsor Downtown Mission. We have 20 eager volunteers who set up stations throughout the chapel. We bring winter clothing, hot chocolate, and baked goods. We entertain our guests with games, crafts, handwashing & and nail trims, nail painting, and haircuts and styles. It wouldn’t be Christmas without our Santa, last year he handed out wrapped gifts to almost two hundred guests.

Over only one year from opening “Ashley’s Place,” things have changed incredibly.

Here is what your generous donations, volunteering, and support have allowed us to do:

  • We visited Chatham Kent and Women’s shelter 85 times, with our vehicles packed full of donations.

  • We created 22 housewarming baskets for youth aging out of foster care.

  • We were able to visit Chatham Kent and Windsor Women’s Shelters 77 times with donations and blessing bags.

  • We visited Refuge for Women and Babies in need at least 28 times.

  • We visited The Inn of Windsor for young girls with donations and gifts over a dozen times.

  • We enjoyed providing Free Soup Saturday 43 times, followed by free activities.

  • Over the year, we served 100 guests a free Christmas Dinner with gifts for each person.

  • We had our annual Easter Dinner for 50 guests.

  • We sponsored two grade eight field trips and one youth to be able to attend camp.

  •  We were able to provide youth transportation for them to attend summer camps.

  • We planned a bus trip to Green View Aviaries and funded costs for 25 of 32 guests.

  • We funded a trip for guests to go to a local farm and enjoy outside activities.

  • We Planned and funded ten special activities for youth at Solid Rock Café.

  • “Ashley’s Place” served as a warming station this past winter, offering free hot chocolate. We serve as a cooling station in the summer months, providing free freezies.

  • Our team created a lovely community garden.

  • We just created a free breakfast program incorporating bullying, drug, and mental health awareness program.

  • We were able to furnish and set up a two-bedroom apartment above our café, using it for emergencies and teaching life skills.


Ashley Rachel Doucet

We are so excited as we celebrate our 1st anniversary in our new space, “Ashley’s Place,” a place we are thankful we can call our own. We reflect on the past six years of what we have accomplished as a group and community. We are in awe of the support of our many volunteers, our community, and all who pray for our mission, support us on Facebook, send donations and offer kind words.

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We do this while keeping the memories alive and active of our beautiful, fun, loving and full of exploding energy, Ashley 



Kim Doucet,

Founder, Director, Ashley's Mom


Caroline Thibert, 

Director, Ashley's Aunt


Debby Segee, Director,

Ashley's Grandmother

We are extremely thankful for the hundreds of volunteers we have worked with over these past 5 years and those we continue to work with!
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In keeping with our initial vision after Ashley's tragic passing in October of 2013, we have with the help and love of so many been able to keep her beautiful spirit for life alive. Ashley was passionate about people and brought energy and compassion that was contagious. She was so full of ideas and encouraged positive experiences from everyone she met. 


Ashley was a Registered Early Childhood Educator and graduated from Durham College in Oshawa. Ashley was also a Child and Youth worker, graduating from a program at St Clair College in Chatham. Ashley worked at a daycare center in Oshawa until after her graduation when she returned home and started the CYW  program. Ashley was fortunate to get hired during one of her placements at Park Haven, a group home for teens. She continued to work after her graduation until their closure.

Ashley's Story


Ashley working with her preschool class

Ashley also worked at Tim Hortons in Tilbury and Comber off and on during five years, from her high school and college years, until the time of her passing.


As a group of family and friends, and with the guidance and support of Rosemarie Montgomery of the Chatham Kent Small Business Center (since 2014), we have been able to continue where Ashley left off. We will honour her memory and continue to share the passion she had for children of all ages. Our team has been volunteering at the Solid Rock Cafe Tilbury Youth Center one day each month for over five years. We will continue to share Ashley's ideas and interests and encourage positive experiences for not only children and youth but people of all ages.  


Since Ashley left us, we have as a team supported many organizations in need of donations, volunteers, and the kind of love and energy Ashley possessed.  We desire to help anyone in need. We do not discriminate and want people to feel loved.  We will continue to serve and share what we have for the benefit of others. Shortly after incorporating "Get Away and Experience Paradise at Ashley's Place" federally as a registered not-for-profit organization we opened Ashley's Place Cafe and Ice Cream Shop. Here we have space and resources to accommodate better all of the work we are doing. 

I have had a couple of people ask about the name we chose, "Ashley's Place." This name came about after three people offered their ideas. Linda, my mother in law, said we should call this "Ashley's Place," Linda, a co-worker and friend, thought this should be called "Ashley's Getaway" and her son Caleb. Also a co-worker of mine and Ashley's said "How about Ashley's Paradise? Because that is what we painted on the mural on the windows after Ashley's accident" ( Rest in Paradise Ashley). We combined all three ideas to get the name we chose. 


Get Away and Experience Paradise at Ashley's Place Inc.

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Ashley's Song

Written and Recorded By Jessica Randall - Ashley's cousin


"Jessica was contacted days after Ashleys passing by Ashley's Mom, Kim. Kim knew Jessica had a beautiful relationship with Jesus and love for music and thought she could create something unique. During this time Jessica was on a Youth mission trip in Australia. When Kim approached her, she quickly took the time to put this song together. 

It reminds me of my thoughts of Jesus’ last night on earth, the number one thing he wanted us to know was this: “Love one another the way I have loved you.” Why? Because when we sacrificially and unconditionally love one another the way Jesus loved us, then the whole world will know that we are his children".                                                                                                   Anna Randall - Jessica's Mom

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75 Queen St.

North Tilbury, ON

N0P 2L0, Box 100

Call Us:

266.798.4592 CK area

519.962.5135 (Windsor-Essex area)

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